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How much do accountants make?

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In October 2011, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants released the results of a study into the professional compensation received by CAs in Canada. It showed that the average compensation in 2011 was $181,203.

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The Chartered Accountants of Canada describes their members as business professionals working in the private or public sector to provide basic accounting and business advice regarding things such as small business taxes, audits, information technology, financial planning and analysis. Accountants
To become a chartered accountant, you need to first earn a university degree including specific business course credits. The next step is to complete the mandatory professional training program for CAs in your province. The education period must be followed
For already-stretched accounting departments, waiting a month for help may seem like an eternity. Yet, a recent survey found it can take at least that long for employers to hire for open positions. Chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said it

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