10 hot careers in the next 5 years


What’s the most in-demand job in Canada right now?

If you thought a job in health care, you’re right.

Thanks to a crunch in health care, nursing supervisor ranked highest on a Top Jobs in Canada list.

But the building boom being felt across the country, a healthy energy industry and a few other trends all affect the jobs outlook.

According to Jared Hildebrand, an analyst with Environics Research Group, a consensus of expert opinion predicts that top jobs in the coming years will be:

  1. Nursing Supervisor– With an interest in the medical field, you would monitor, control and organize employees and procedures at a hospital, a clinic or other health-care setting.
    Education: Nursing degree and management training.
  2. “A future jobs consideration,” says Robert Orlovski of the Green Jobs Forums, “(is that) there are more and more people interested in not only buying green but showing passion for working green.”
  3. Financial Manager– You’ll be in charge of all the functions involving money in a large or small organization.
    Education: Finance or accounting degree from a business school.
  4. Petroleum Engineer– Providing expertise in oil and gas drilling, reservoir management and production are some responsibilities you’ll have.
    Education: Engineering degree and other certifications.
  5. Skilled Construction – As a construction worker or builder, you thrive working with your hands. You would work as a professional, tradesman, or labourer.
    Education: Trade school and required certifications.
  6. Software/Web Developer– A perfect job for someone tech-savvy, a web developer is a programmer who specializes in the development of computer applications.
    Education: Software development.
  7. Information Systems Analyst– With a knack for the fine details, a systems analyst configures, maintains, and supports computers in a workplace.
    Education: Computer science, information science, or management information systems.
  8. Data Analyst/Admin – As the job title states, as a data analyst you’d collect, organize, and analyze data for a client or employer.
    Education: Computer science or math.
  9. “One thing to keep in mind across the board is that you must be willing to move for your job,” says Lauren Friese from TalentEgg, a job website and career resource for students and new graduates. “A lot of the available jobs are located in the smaller centres and towns across Canada, not in the big cities.”
  10. Pharmacist– With an interest in pharmaceuticals and medicine, a pharmacist distributes medicine that has been prescribed to patients in a retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, senior centre or nursing home, and is an information source for medical information.
    Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy.
  11. College/University Professor- A professor offers lessons, lectures and guidance in a variety of topics. Being a professor also allows you to focus on research.
    Education: Undergraduate and graduate degrees in education; continuing teacher education.
  12. Dental Hygienist– A hygienist cleans patients’ teeth, educations to patients about dental hygiene, and assists the dentist during procedures.
    Education: Dental Hygiene Diploma or bachelor program.
Published on August 31, 2012
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