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Since 1987, Academy of Learning has been recognized as a training leader, offering a wide range of programs that is relied on by students, employers and government agencies.

Our distinct approach to learning shifts away from teaching in the traditional lecture style to an on-site, facilitated, learning-by doing method.

Our standardized curriculum is primarily delivered through the Integrated Learning™ System (ILS) - a competency-based method of learning that integrates all five senses. Students learn by doing, not by just listening.

Academy of Learning also uses other teaching methodologies that include online instruction, audio lectures, simulated labs, written materials, instructor led classes and virtual classrooms. Students have access to all of the required equipment and material to successfully complete their program, along with the support provided by instructors and/or facilitators.

In today’s business world where quality training is essential to career success, we continuously strive to meet the needs of our students by providing the best quality career training that works!

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