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What makes a good court reporter?

Court reporting is a rapidly growing industry with plenty of exciting opportunities for travel and a variety of assignments—imagine recording a high-profile trial or divorce case—but certain types of people do better than others. “Aside from a thorough understanding of
It’s a good time to think about becoming a court reporter. The work is highly specialized and uses technology that few people know how to use, but the industry is growing quickly—currently there are more jobs available than people to
Court reporters are paid a wide range of wages. Classified by Statistics Canada with medical transcriptionists (who perform similar duties in different environments), the median hourly wage in 2009 for the group was $21.00—the same median hourly wage for all
Court reporters—also called court stenographers, law reporters, stenotype operators, or shorthand reporters— ensure that everyone’s rights are protected during legal processes by creating an accurate verbatim record of what is said in courts, legislative assemblies and committees, public hearings, inquiry

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