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What you should know about a career as a dancer

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So you’ve decided to be a dancer. Great! Just remember that professional dancing doesn’t always mean signing up with the National Ballet Company or competing on So You Think You Can Dance. Here are two important things you should know.
Professional dancers are paid performers who use various styles of dance to move their bodies to rhythms or music. Many dance for a very long time—usually since childhood—before dedicating themselves to a career in dance. “My mom put me in
Dancing is a very demanding—but often rewarding—field that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Think you’re up for the challenge? Here are tips on how to prepare for pursuing a professional dancing career. Be honest about your ability
Passionate about becoming a dancer? Here are the top 5 sites you should check out. Want to Dance This site is an excellent resource for new or aspiring dancers where you’ll find how-tos on everything from buying the right shoes

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