Average day in the life of a database administrator

Database Administrator 3

For database administrators, the average workday can begin before they even set foot in the office. Some database administrators check database traffic and log files from home, so they can form an overview of the day’s priorities while they’re on their way to work.

Once they arrive at the workplace, which could be an office or laboratory, database administrators will check their emails, paying special attention to any that relate to performance or system errors. The daily routine may also include such tasks as setting up new user accounts, removing old ones, allocating end-user privileges, assessing system response times and troubleshooting scripts as required.

On a regular basis, database administrators will develop and circulate administration policies and user documentation related to the use of the database. Database administrators are often called in for meetings with their managers to present database review plans as well as meetings with the organization’s executives, to discuss how leveraging the database can improve the bottom line.

At the end of an average workday, database administrators often set up database functions to run overnight, such as backups, data import and export, and performance monitoring.

Published on December 2, 2011
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