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How to become a doctor

If you’re looking for a well-paying, challenging, and meaningful career, becoming a doctor might be perfect for you. And now’s a great time to do it: Canada’s aging population means we’ll need even more of them to avoid shortages. Despite
Sure, science smarts and schooling can help you become a doctor, but you’ll need a lot more than that to be a good one. You’ll enjoy your career and be a much better doctor if you have the following traits.
Doctors—also referred to as physicians and medical practitioners—are healthcare professionals who promote, maintain, and restore health through studying, diagnosing, and treating illnesses, injuries, and other physical ailments. They provide primary care and when necessary, refer patients to other healthcare providers.
In Canada, doctors are paid above-average salaries. According to the latest labour market information from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, doctors make between approximately $40,000 and $380,000 per year. The median salary—meaning half of these doctors make above this

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