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How to become an editor

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If you’re reading this, you’ve already discovered your predilection for language. You read constantly and critically. You cringe when you see a spelling error in a menu. Put simply: you find it hard to not edit. Here’s how to turn
Being an editor has never been a high-paying career in Canada, but is possible to make a decent living as one. It is not possible, however, to determine one income range that accurately represents what editors get paid. Editing fees
While there are many different kinds of editors, there are a number of resources that are useful for anyone holding a red pen. Here are the top 5. Editor’s Association of Canada The Editor’s Association of Canada (EAC) supports editors
If you think editors are just nitpicky grammar nerds who fix spelling mistakes all day, think again. That’s part of the job, but being an editor requires a nuanced and adaptable skill set that goes beyond being able to spot
Whether you enjoy fixing typos or helping friends strengthen their essays, there’s an editing position for you. Not sure which one it is? Check out the top 5 types. Editors-in-chief Sometimes called “editors at large” or just “editors,” these people

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