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Afiya Francisco
Afiya Francisco
A former editor at LOULOU, Afiya Francisco has a solid background in magazine publishing. Since becoming a freelancer, she has focused her skills as a style expert and fashion presenter. As well as writing her own fashion blog – – Francisco is a regular fashion contributor to the Steven & Chris Show, the Morning Show and Entertainment Tonight Canada.

by Afiya Francisco

I love fashion. I have always loved fashion; I love clothes, I love shopping.

I dissect runway trends and help make them palatable for everyday life – and I really like that. I like being able to bring that to people who enjoy fashion but maybe don’t have the time to look at all the runways. I like bringing trends to people in bite-sized pieces, and then showing how to make the trend work for everyday life.

I love getting to see things at a preview and before everybody else. There is a little cache and a certain excitement to that… and knowing what’s coming out and anticipating that is a really fun thing as a fashion lover.

I love the opportunity to speak with people behind the scenes. For example, I met a designer a couple of seasons ago who was inspired by prints that she had taken on a trip to Iceland. Once I heard that she had been inspired by the glaciers and the rocks… and then to see it in the print, all of a sudden it was an art piece with a story behind it. I really like that.

It’s great when you go to previews and shows and see emerging trends. It’s cool, too, to just see it all work together and how people are on similar pages across the board.

There’s a certain energy when you’re surround by people who are equally as in love with clothes and fashion, there is a palpable energy that excites you. It’s fabulous to be a part of that.

Published on December 12, 2012
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