Meet Michelle Germain – Fashion Retailer

Michelle Germain has over 15 years of retail experience with Holt Renfrew, where she worked her way up to Advertising Manager, and the Hudson Bay Company, where she worked on the brand strategy for the Home Outfitters division. In 2007, she opened Shopgirls – a gallery boutique in Toronto featuring all-Canadian artists and designers. The store is a now a go-to location for top quality Canadian fashion, accessories and home decor.

by Michelle Germain

I love the idea of discovering something, or someone, that hasn’t been seen everywhere. And I do like the idea of having a bit of a wow factor, when people come in and say, really, this is a Canadian designer?

There’s not one particular price point at Shopgirls because I wrap everything around it being Canadian. Some of the collections are produced abroad, but the majority are produced here.

This is definitely my dream job. I mean, I’m a fashion fanatic and I have that in my title. I’ve always had a real passion for fashion and style and to be able to work in that is wonderful.

Mind you, retail is a tough go. It is a very tough go. Retail and restaurants are probably the toughest industries out there because there’s a lot of competition and with retail, so much overhead.

I’m really proud that Shopgirls provides something different than other retailers and that we really embrace real women and say ‘you’re beautiful too’. All of my staff are trained to help determine body shape and how to highlight all of the good stuff.

We are helping customers discover what it is that would work well for them – and that makes me feel good.

Published on November 1, 2012
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