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Sandra Pittana/Cityline – Citytv
Sandra Pittana/Cityline – Citytv
“There are two distinct parts to the fashion business: there are those who just love fashion regardless of what they do, and there are those who work in the business.”
– Robin Kay, president, Fashion Design Council of Canada

The fashion industry is an exciting place to work – and for good reason. Fashion doesn’t stand still – what’s hot today may not be next week. Fashion influences culture, shapes taste and defines personality. Fashion is about new seasons and the latest trends; it’s about dressing to look and feel good. It’s about individual style, whether you’re 14 or 47!

But the fashion industry is much more than the trends you see on runways, in magazines and on the street. Robin Kay, president of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, says there is a myriad of professionals who work together behind the scenes to get clothes and accessories from the sketchpad to your favourite store and into your closet.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
– Ralph Lauren, U.S. fashion designer

“In the centre of the industry, of course, are the fashion designers… some of whom become like rock stars,” says Kay, who was a designer and retailer for many years, and who founded Fashion Week in 1999 in Toronto. (The World MasterCard Fashion Week is now owned by IMG Worldwide.)

“But those designers need a team of other professionals to support what they do… and then there’s the whole business of fashion – without that, it doesn’t work at all.”

Sandra Pittana, contributing guest columnist, Cityline guest expert and lifelong fashionista, in conversation with
Tracy Moore, host of Cityline. Tune into Cityline weekdays on Citytv at 9 am.

The good news is the fashion industry in Canada is a thriving and accessible place to work. Here’s a look at different fashion careers… and an introduction to Canadians who are successfully doing them.

Published on October 25, 2012
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