What qualifications do flight attendants need and how much do they make?

Flight Attendant 3

Flight attendants must possess a valid Canadian passport and high school diploma, meet medical standards, obtain Transport Canada’s Security clearance and successfully complete an initial training program (generally about seven weeks) with an airline. To be a flight attendant, you must be employed by an airline. Each airline has its own specific hiring criteria, policies and requirements.

The Canadian Aviations Regulations require large air operators to establish a flight attendant training program approved by Transport Canada. Training covers everything from government rules and regulations to emergency procedures and security regulations to airline policies and procedures, customer service and aviation first aid. Students are required to complete both written and practical exams and complete an annual recurrent training program throughout their career as a flight attendant.

Generally, once training is completed, new flight attendants are placed on reserve status for at least a year where they work when called upon to fill in for absent flight attendants. After being on reserve status, they can then bid for regular assignments. Assignments are generally based on seniority.

Typically, a base salary for a flight attendant in Canada ranges from $25,414 to $50,087.

Published on December 14, 2011
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