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What do home inspectors do?

John Ficara/FEMA
Potential buyers or sellers hire home inspectors to inspect houses, condos, and apartment buildings to accurately assess their conditions and value. They test systems and look for physical damage, as well as evidence of deterioration, inadequate maintenance, improperly installed components, and shoddy work in general.

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Becoming a home inspector is an excellent option for people interested in using technical knowledge, running their own businesses, keeping flexible hours, working on their feet, and dealing with other people. And now’s an excellent time to do it: The
Home inspectors generally make more money than most Canadians. According to the 2009 Labour Survey, the median hourly wage for construction inspectors—a group that includes home inspectors, housing construction inspectors, safety officers, bridge/building/highway/mine/concrete inspectors, and more—was $31.30. (Meaning half of
Now’s a great time to be a home inspector: Demand is on the rise, governments are taking the profession more seriously, the work can be flexible, and the money is good. But how do you know if it’s the career

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