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How to become an interpreter

Interpretation is a great career for those who love language, improving communication, and working in dynamic and diverse environments. But if you thought that simply knowing more than one language qualifies you as an interpreter, think again. Here’s what you
One of the best things about interpretation is that it can be done in many different environments and with many different kinds of people. Having trouble deciding what path is best for you? Here’s a breakdown of the 4 main
Interpreting is an excellent choice for anyone fluent in two or more languages and looking for a dynamic and challenging career. Interpreters translate oral and/or visual communication from one language to another as smoothly and correctly as possible. They don’t
As a multilingual country, there are many well-paying opportunities for interpreters in Canada. Because there are so many different kinds of interpreters and sectors for them to work in, salaries and hourly rates depend on a number of things: skill,

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