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Meet Karen Goncalves – Law Clerk and Paralegal

Karen Goncalves
Karen has been with Davies Howe Partners, a boutique law firm in Toronto for 17 years. She is a senior litigation law clerk there. Karen began her career 30 years ago at a two-person, multi-purpose law firm. She has moved several times to larger law firms in Toronto where she specialized in real estate, condo law and litigation. Karen is also a licensed paralegal and can practice a restricted scope of law.

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OK, you’re addicted to law shows on TV – and if nothing new is on, you won’t mind watching the old Law & Order episodes you now know by heart. Maybe you should consider a law career. Sure, you could apply to law school, but there are other opportunities to work in the legal system that can be equally rewarding.

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A paralegal provides certain legal services to the public. They can prepare legal documents, maintain records and files and carry out research for lawyers or other professionals. Paralegals also assist lawyers by interviewing clients or witnesses, gathering documents to be
Paralegals are regulated at a provincial level and rules vary across Canada. If they are working for a law firm, they may need to have a bachelor’s degree in law, college diploma in legal assistance or they may only receive
A paralegal’s typical day includes a wide range of activities. If employed by a law firm, corporate legal department or government, most days will be spent assisting lawyers research and prepare for cases, interviewing witnesses and basic administrative tasks such

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