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How much do personal trainers make?

Personal training is a growing field, but full-time positions that pay well can be challenging to find. And unless you’re one of the few who move to L.A. and become celebrity trainers, you’ll probably never earn a six-figure salary. But
Personal trainers are fitness professionals who are experts in the human body and proper nutrition. They help people achieve goals, such as losing a certain amount of weight or training for a competition, by giving physical assessments and tailoring exercise
If you’re committed to fitness, being a personal trainer is a great career choice for you. But you’ll need a lot more than a love for working out to stand out and do a good job. Here’s what you need
Want to be a personal trainer, but aren’t sure where to start? Even though Canadian provinces and territories don’t regulate personal trainers, getting certified is key to landing a job. Here’s how to figure out which program is right for

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