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How to become a photographer

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Photography is a rich and varied field with lots of competition. While you might not be the next Baron Wolman or Annie Leibovitz, but you can have a rewarding, successful career—as long as you do the basics. Here’s how to
Now that we have smart phones and digital cameras, taking pictures has never been so easy or inexpensive. But if you want to photograph for a living, you need more than the newest iPhone. Here are the top 4 skills
First and foremost, photographers take pictures. They’re experts in using light (or lack thereof) to capture moments and details in interesting and appealing ways. But that’s not all photographers do. Unless photographers are successful enough to employ assistants and other
Photography is a popular career choice for creative people who love taking pictures, but delving into it can be overwhelming. If you’re an amateur and want to get serious about photography, check out the following resources for professional techniques, news,
When Lucie Richard contemplated a career as a food stylist, she worried she was lacking a critical personality trait. “I thought they were way too anal,” she admits. “They promised me they could make me an anal person and they

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