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Top 4 skills you need to be a police officer

Policing is a unique and demanding career, and recruiters only want the best of the best to apply. While training will prepare you for police work, you’ll be a better candidate if you already have some of the most essential skills.

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Becoming a police officer is one of the longer and and more challenging paths to a career, but it’s well worth it once you get there. Here’s how to get started. Decide where you want to work Jobs are available
The primary responsibility of police officers is to protect the public, or if comissioned, the person/group/organization to which they are assigned. Through detecting and preventing crime, police officers strive to maintain law and order in their respective jurisdictions. Working conditions
Due to the demanding nature of their work, police officers usually make more money than average Canadians. According to the 2009 Labour Survey, the median hourly wage for police officers was $33.00. (That means that half of the employees earned

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