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What do servers do?

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Servers—sometimes called waiters or waitresses—engage with customers in a variety of different food and drink establishments. Servers’ responsibilities vary from place to place, but many are required to do most (if not all) of the following: take orders and pass
Not necessarily. Most servers have a high-school diploma but even that isn’t always necessary. What is necessary is that you have the ability to learn quickly and on the spot, as well as interact with people effectively. Food-service employers are
Serving is one of those fields where there are always jobs available, but competition is fierce and landing one can be tricky. Here’s how. Make sure it’s a job that suits you Many people pursue serving in search of an
Working as a server can be a fun and fulfilling job, but only if you’re really prepared. Here are the top skills you need to increase your employability and ultimately, help you be a better server. Interpersonal If you don’t

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