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What does a flight attendant do and what skills are required?

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Flight attendants are the ambassadors of the customer experience onboard flights, ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers. The majority of flight attendants work for commercial airlines. A flight attendant’s three main roles are as a caregiver, a service
A typical day for a flight attendant can consist of long hours in confined spaces under varying conditions, including turbulence. The shifts are constantly changing, including time-zone changes, working on weekends and statutory holidays and spending extended periods of time away
Flight attendants must possess a valid Canadian passport and high school diploma, meet medical standards, obtain Transport Canada’s Security clearance and successfully complete an initial training program (generally about seven weeks) with an airline. To be a flight attendant, you
5. Coordination skills required While driving to a destination, a courier could be navigating via a map or GPS, monitoring road conditions and traffic reports on the radio, and taking calls from dispatch for the next delivery—all at the same
An average day in the life of a courier begins at “home base”, which usually means head office for small courier companies or a warehouse for global courier companies. Before setting out on the road, couriers will pre-inspect their vehicles
Also known as a messenger or delivery person, a courier retrieves and drops off items to and from individuals and businesses. Couriers typically drive a van or truck to transport items ranging from small envelopes to large parcels. According to
Not all flying schools are equal and prospective students should heavily research their options before selecting the right school for them. Start with a budget of time and money. Can you commit to full-time studying or do you need to

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