Meet Rob Dittmer – Visual Merchandiser

Rob Dittmer is the owner of Three Event Planning and Design Inc., a leading event design company in Toronto that has a stellar reputation in visual merchandising as well. Rob has over 15 years of retail experience with Club Monaco and Holt Renfrew. He draws his inspiration from the world of fashion and art. His work has been featured in Toronto Life, Lush Magazine and other publications. His client list includes Toronto Fashion Week, Toronto International Film Festival and The National Ballet of Canada Gala.

by Rob Dittmer

I love what I do… every day is different, and no matter what I’m doing I’m touching something that is decor-related and visual.

For me, this job is a lifestyle. My life is all about visual merchandising from setting the table at home to selling products for my clients… I always think about how I’m going to put it in a beautiful way; I’m always thinking about what’s new and how a new way of showing something can make it exciting for people.

While the job is fun, it’s stressful too because you need to sell. Even when you come up with a great idea, your client has to love it. So you need to understand who your client is and whom their customers are… so that you’re not just doing something that you like but something that understood by everybody – and inspire them!

We sell the idea first by putting together storyboards and presenting the display idea.

I’ve got a great team and my clients are amazing.

I get inspired by designers – I love seeing what colours and fabrics are in. I love picking up Vogue and looking at the advertising, it’s such an inspiration for me.

The best part of my job is after it’s all done, my client emails me to say ‘I just walked by the window and love it’. And then a week later, the client checks in again to say that they’re still getting compliments on the window…

Published on October 29, 2012
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