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Meet Courtney Chard – Welder

Courtney Chard
Courtney Chard has journeyman status in both welding and steam-fitting. Along with apprenticing with different companies for about three years, she studied welding at George Brown College and Mohawk College.

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Did you know that more than 50 per cent of products require welding, from race cars, bridges, ships and computers to oil rigs, farm equipment, cellphones and scooters? Talk about job security! Continue reading
Looking for a challenging career with plenty of employment options? Like working with tools and creating things? Becoming a welder could be for you. Here’s how to get started. Finish high school While not all welding jobs require you to
If you’ve been thinking about becoming a welder, now’s the time to start learning the trade. Many welders are approaching retirement age and despite a declining manufacturing industry, there are still jobs in custom welding, construction, and maintenance/repair. Here are
Welders permanently join pieces of metal through welding processes, of which there are many – over 70 to be precise. In addition to fusing metals, welders also repair metal parts, as well as grind and solder materials. Their duties vary
Generally welders make more than average Canadians, but slightly less than other skilled-trade workers. What welders get paid depends on where they work, what experience they have, and who their employers are. General wages The median hourly wage—meaning half of

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