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While the most important step to becoming a writer is embracing the act of writing, going to school can be very beneficial: you get to study other writing, practice and hone your skills, learn from other writers, and more. The
With serious perks like making your own hours, working from wherever, and writing what you want and for whom you want, freelance writing is a competitive field. Here’s how to get in on the action. Write It seems like obvious
Not sure if being a writer is the career for you? Here’s what you should know. (Assuming you already know that being a writer rarely pays well.) It isn’t easy Sometimes ideas come to us in dreams, but good writing
While being a writer rarely results in piles and piles of cash—unless you’re the next Stephen King or Danielle Steel—it is possible to make a good living as one. It is not possible, however, to pin down one salary range
While there are many different kinds of writers, there are a number of resources that are useful for any aspiring wordsmith. Here are the top 5. The Canada Council for the Arts Established in 1957, The Canada Council for the

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